Sharing NFS containers on your current VMware vSphere environment becomes quite a routine while getting used to your new Hyper-Converged infrastructure “Nutanix”, for the purposes of this guide you will learn how to easily mount Nutanix NFS containers as VMware NFS Datastores.

First of all, make sure to create a storage container in order to designate it as the NFS Datastore that will be later used for you VMware ESXi, I have named mine VMware-NFS

Storage -> Table -> + Storage Container


For security matter, we need to tell Nutanix to give access from the ESXi host to mount the NFS share, in order to do so we must click on the Gear icon and then click on Filesystem Whitelists.

Add your’s server IP/Netmask and this will grant you access to the NFS shares.


Time to move to our VMware vSphere ESXi Host, since VMware has started to push everyone to leave the windows client and start using the web client this guide will be performed on the Web Client, Thanks VMware!!!

Once logged in click on Storage on the left side.


There we will see the datastores list, since this a fresh installation we only have the default datastore, in order to add our Nutanix container as NFS datastore we must click on the New datastore option. The New Datastore wizard will pop up, select the Mount NFS datastore option and click next.


Fill the information requested:

Name: Nutanix NFS  – You can use whatever name you want

NFS Server: – This is my Nutanix’s Cluster Virtual IP

NFS Share:/VMware-NFS – Storage’s Container name

NFS Version NFS-3 or NFS-4 you can choose base on your experience and performance obtained.

Our configuration will look pretty much like this:

Once everything is set click on Finish

And there you have it, you can start creating VMs and dropping files into your new NFS datastore and let Nutanix do HHyper-Converged magic,

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