Hello vComunnity,

The other day I came across this interesting situation,

After a successful VC/ESXi upgrade (7.0U2) our vSAN cluster started to show this message:

All 80 disks on version 14.0 but with older vSAN objects. – (7.0U2)

Worth mentioning that there were no objects running old versions:

From a previous experience, I was able to solve it after disabling/enabling vSAN Performance Service, it is safe to do so since it will get create objects with the new format,

But, let me show you how to validate this if you do/don’t find actual objects under vSAN object format health requiring object upgrade.

SSH to an ESXi Node

run: esxcli vsan debug object overview

[[email protected]:~] esxcli vsan debug object overview
Object UUID                           Group UUID                            Version  Size       Used        SPBM Profile                   Healthy Components
------------------------------------  ------------------------------------  -------  ---------  ----------  -----------------------------  ------------------
3142a961-a8ef-a019-5805-005056a6a07c  1542a961-84a3-35a8-4528-005056a60a4a       14  90.00 GB   0.01 GB     vSAN Default Storage Policy    3 of 3
3142a961-a911-6a27-46eb-005056a6e0fe  1542a961-84a3-35a8-4528-005056a60a4a       10  255.00 GB  21.25 GB     vSAN Default Storage Policy    32 of 32     <------Object with older version

Once identified, run the following command to check where it belongs to.

esxcli vsan debug vmdk list

esxcli vsan debug vmdk list
   Object: 3142a961-a911-6a27-46eb-005056a6e0fe:
   Health: healthy
   Type: vmnamespace
   Path: /vmfs/volumes/vsan:525594ffccf4f759-311b000d5c91f5aa/
   Directory Name: .vsan.stats

As you guys can see here, the object with the older version is related to vsan.stats

As explained before, this is easily fixed by disabling/enabling vSAN performance service.

Important: this is in the guys is vsan.stats, if you find a VM or something is related that is not resync to a new format, please engage support so they can check.

Hope this was a cool post for you guys to know,

Do now hesitate in contacting me if you have any comments,


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