Hello vCommunity,

Here is a simple busybox script to configure out VxRailBMC/iDRAC’s IP,

[[email protected]:~] sh bmdrac.sh




# Script to configure BMC/iDRAC's IP
# Author: Jorluis Perales, VxRail SST @ Dell EMC
# Version 1.0
# Do not change anything below this line
# --------------------------------------

echo "=============Configure BMC/iDRAC's IP (New or Change)=============="
echo ""
echo "Current BCM/iDRAC ip configuration"
echo ""
/opt/vxrail/tools/ipmitool lan print 1 | grep -E "IP Address|Subnet Mask |Default Gateway IP"

echo ""

echo "Would you like to change/configure the nodes' BCM/iDRAC ip? (Y/N)"

read answer

if [ "$answer" == "Y" ];

    echo "Type the new BMC/iDRAC's ip:"
    read ip
    echo "Type the new BMC/iDRAC's netmask:"    
    read netmask
    echo "Type the new BMC/iDRAC's gateway:"
    read gw
echo ""    

/opt/vxrail/tools/ipmitool lan set 1 ipsrc static
/opt/vxrail/tools/ipmitool lan set 1 ipaddr $ip

/opt/vxrail/tools/ipmitool lan set 1 netmask $netmask

/opt/vxrail/tools/ipmitool lan set 1 defgw ipaddr $gw

echo ""
    echo "==========================================="
    echo "Here is the new BCM/iDRAC ip configuration:"

    echo "IP Address Source       : Static Address"
    echo "IP Address              : "$ip
    echo "Subnet Mask             : "$netmask
    echo "Default Gateway IP      : "$gw

    echo "==========================================="


if [ "$answer" == "N" ];

echo "====="
echo "|Bye|"
echo "====="

sleep 1


Here is the GitHub access to these scripts

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