As many of you already know, there is a way to have a look at the Nutanix’s capabilities through the use of the Community Edition (CE) version, this one can be deployed in a virtual environment for testing or practicing purposes, but guess what? you will need a Nutanix Next account in order to access to the PRISM Console of your cluster, but don’t stress out, go to the My Nutanix portal and register in a few clicks.


When you have deployed your CE host or VMs and have created you cluster you are ready to go to start playing with Nutanix console.


Is everything set up? Great, but once have connected to one of the CVM’s IP through a browser you will need to validate you Next Credentials, most of us deploy this in a lab environment where the internet access is server by a Proxy-Server, for the purposes of this guide we will be validating our Next credentials by adding an HTTP/HTTPS proxy to our cluster configuration.

This configuration comes in handy when the ONLY way our cluster will get internet access is through an HTTP/HTTPS proxy. Probably you are thinking that you can add your proxy in your browser’s internet settings, but this does not work, the configuration needs to be made in the cluster’s configuration.

This is the error you will get if the proxy has not been configured.



Let’s get our hands to work.

First of all, you need to connect through ssh to one of your CVMs.



Enter into the Nutanix CLI by typing ncli


List the current HTTP/HTTPS proxy configuration by typing

ncli> http-proxy list


there is currently none HTTP/HTTPS proxy configurations set.


IMPORTANT: You must know the FQDN or IP of your proxy server as well as the port that is being used for communications.

For this example will be using FQDN and the default port 3128.

Here is the syntax you will need in order to set the proxy

ncli> http-proxy add name=Internet port=3128 proxy-types=http,https

name= the name of your preference – Example: Internet

address= The server name (FQDN) or IP

port= proxy server’s port

proxy-types= http,https better to have both sets just in case.

Hit Enter and a True status will pop up, make sure your configuration has been set by typing http-proxy list again.

Another IMPORTANT thing: If your proxy server  needs username and password authentication you will have to add the following values:

username=proxy server user that have internet access



password=username’s password




Go back to your Next login screen on PRISM and now you’ll be able to validate your credentials as I did.



Enjoy the amazing world of Nutanix without restrictions, well without too many restrictions,

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