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The other day I ran against a particular issue, when I deployed a VM from a Content Library (CL) the Hard Disk did not apply the default storage policy of the datastore (vSAN) correctly, The default datastore policy was changed to a Raid 5, but the disk got a raid 1 configuration, even though that the storage policy was the correct (Raid 5)

To illustrate this for you, I have decided to replicate the issue within my lab and show you the behavior.

I created a test Raid 0 policy.

And changed the default storage policy of the vSAN datastore:

Deploying the VM from the content library, I select the vSAN datastore and leave the VM Storage Policy as Datastore Default (we are expecting the VM’s disk to be Raid 0 per this storage policy)

Once the VM was deployed, we check the physical disk placement and we see that the disk uses a Raid 1 instead of the Raid 0, VM Home did get the Raid 0 configured.

The policy says that is compliant with the Raid 0 we assigned.


But soon after it changes to out of date.

Assigning the Storage Policy during the deployment wizard has the same outcome.

The only available workaround is to re-apply the storage policy which gets the policy fully applied.

I know it is not efficient nor how it should work, but if you have this issue this is a feasible workaround.

VMware has recently created a kb about this issue and stated that the fix is available in 7.0U1

No storage policy assigned to virtual object and status “out of date” when using content library on vSAN (50121795)

If you plan to avoid this from happening, make sure to upgrade to the version that includes the fix. Sadly the kb does not mention the fix being included in the newer releases of 6.7/6.5, hope it gets added as a fix in the future, if not, upgrading to 7.0U1 or higher will be the way.

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