Some scenarios require you to download and install a specific hotfix, update or any other package within Windows Server operating system. In this occasion, we will be giving you one way to accomplish that.

Microsoft®Update Catalog and DISM are the right tools for this job!


You got a KB number from the recommended hotfixes and updates web page or from a vendor different than Microsoft. You need to apply that package to your server but you realize that the specific KB number is not being listed when you check for automatic updates. In scenarios like this, please go ahead and use the KB number as your reference ID on the updates catalog portal and download the package as follows:

Microsoft®Update Catalog

You could also use the following command to make sure you are really missing that update:

wmic qfe | find “123456”

Nothing appeared? you are good to go with the installation!

Then, it’s time to extract the installation file itself from the *.msu file you just downloaded. We recommend you to extract them to a well-known directory or to the default temp folder.

The right command to extract a *.msu is:

expand –f:* C:\source_directory\KB9999999.msu <space> C:\destination_folder <Enter>


Finally, go ahead and install the update from the resulted *.cab file from previous step. You’ll see the running process and at the end you will be prompted to restart the server immediately or later.

dism.exe /Online /Add-Package /PackagePath:C:\source_folder\


P.D.: Download only official Microsoft Update packages and run CMD as admin to avoid permission limitations.

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