I’ve seen so many administrators running away when they hear the word Distributed, many of them prefer to keep the traffic on different standard switches, but I will show you how to start the migration to a distributed solution that will be giving them better performance/scalability/results,

Before starting the migration process you need to create a series of Distributed Portgroups, write down the correct VLAN ID, what’s next will be covered down below, let’s go!

Right-click on your Distributed Switch and select Add and Manage Host Networking.

Select Manage Host Networking and click Next.

Select the Attached Host and make sure to select the ones you want to work with, in our case will be working with both servers, click on Ok and then Next to continue.

Since we are just moving VMkernels we can deselect Manage Physical Adapters making Manage VMkernel Adapters the only option selected, click Next to continue.

At this point, we are able to select the source VMkernel/PortGroup we want to migrate, click on the desired vmkernel you want to migrate and then click on Assing port group, repeat this step for every single ESXi host you want to apply this change, a new window will pop up and this is where you have to select the Destination Portgroup, for our example we are moving vmk1 on vSwitch1 to the Distributed Port vMotion, click on Next to continue.

Our changes will be applied like this:

Confirm that your changes will not be affecting your iSCSI communications. click on Next to continue

And the summary of what is going to happen will be displayed, click on Finish to apply this change.

Once the process has completed we can confirm the VMkernel Port has been successfully migrating by looking at the VMkernel adapters setting on the ESXi host under the Manage Tab, Networking column, and VMkernel Adapters.


That’s it, very simple, isn’t it?, but you are probably asking yourself how can I revert this? don’t worry here is how to do so,

Select the ESXi host, go to Manage Tab and the networking column.

Select the standard switch you would like to use as the target and click on the Migrate a VMkernel network adapter icon.

Select the VMkernel you wish to move or return, click on Next to continue


Give it a Network label, I recommend the name it used to have, in my case vMotion, also the VLAN ID, if configured.


Confirm this will not impact you iSCSI communication and blah blah blah, no seriously if it does impact you better check what could be causing the issue.

Ready to go, click on Finish and the migration will start.

And your VMkernel will return where it belongs,

Hope you enjoy it and find it useful.


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