Nutanix Acropolis – VMware vSphere on Nutanix… that’s a breeze! But when it comes to Microsoft Hyper-V running on Nutanix solution; then black magic will take a front row seat and if you are familiar with Nutanix implementations you’ll get my point.


In this opportunity, we will be talking about this “there is no such object in the server” error message when trying to join a Hyper-V cluster to an existing Active Directory Domain.

This error message will appear from both Nutanix Prism and ncli console; no matter how you attempt to join the domain, you will always face the same error message.



As always, this is not applicable for all cases but most of them with that mentioned error.

The error message appears when you sent the join command but the default AD OU (Organization Unit) does not exist or unable to be found.



In order to successfully join this cluster to the existing Active Directory Domain you’ll have to specify the CN, OU, and DC manually via ncli console using the following command:


ncli cluster join-domain domain=edier.domain cluster-name=MY-CLUSTER external-ip-address= logon-name=edier name-server-ip= ou-path="OU=Finance,DC=edier,DC=domain,” [email protected]


This is a self-explanatory syntax but here you have an example on how to get the CN, OU, and DC from your existing AD:


cn=Nutanix_Production, ou=Finance,dc=edier,dc=domain


You can also refer to this guide:



So for solving this error, that’s all there is to it. Your cluster should be now authenticated with your AD!

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