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I apologize I haven’t posted for quite a while, this, because I was studying for my VCAP-DCV, Deploy exam, that I am happy to announce that I PASSED!


I always loved hands-on exams (such as LFCS and LFCE and soon RHCSA) since I believe that  it is where our knowledge is really put to test, and the VCAP-DCV Deploy exam was one of them,




I started studying for the exam 3 months ago, staying at work for at least 3 hours after my shift ended, not just to avoid the heavy traffic we have here in Panama, but also take advantage of that time that I wisely invested in my studies.


I followed vJenner‘s VCAP6-DCV Deployment Study Guide,  which I personally think is the best guide out there, well explained and easy to follow,  also, make sure to have at look at Rammy Mahmoud‘s VMware Certified Advanced Professional 6 – Data Center Virtualization Deployment Exam Preparation Guide which is another great source of knowledge and you will be able to compare different ways to do things.


I also went through another Deployment guides that were quite useful too, do not hesitate to get more information during your studies from these sources:


_vCallawayUnofficial VCAP6-DCV Deploy Study Guide

tsmith_covcap dcv deploy

mwpreston –  8 Weeks of #VCAP


I also had the pleasure to practice my skills on the following simulators., good job gents, good job!


– VirtualG_UK – VCAP6-DCV Deploy Exam Simulator – FREE


SOSTech_WPVCAP6-DCV Deploy Practice




HOL-1811-02-SDC – vSphere with Operations Management – Getting Started
HOL-1811-03-SDC – vSphere with Operations Management – Advanced Topics
HOL-1904-02-CHG – vSphere 6.5 – Challenge Lab
HOL-1810-01-SDC – Virtualization 101: Introduction to vSphere – Completed
HOL-1927-01-HCI – VMware Storage – Virtual Volumes and Storage Policy Based Management
HOL-1804-01-SDC – vSphere 6.5 – Performance Diagnostics and Benchmarking
HOL-1811-05-SDC – vSphere Automation with PowerCLI
HOL-1808-01-HCI – vSAN v6.6.1 – Getting Started
HOL-1811-01-SDC – vSphere v6.5 – What’s New
HOL-1808-02-CHG – vSAN v6.6.1 – Challenge Lab


Exam Day

Being honest, I was so excited the night before that I could catch a good night sleep, fortunately, my exam was scheduled at 1:30 PM so I was able to sleep until 8:00 AM (because I had to work). Arrived at the test center at 12:45 PM, did the paperwork and started the exam.


At the beginning I felt confident since the first tasks were quite easy to complete, but then the hard one came and that it was where the fun really began, I tried to the hard ones from the beginning but I realized I was investing too much time and there were other tasks that I did not know how much time it will take to complete, so I moved on and did the easy ones, took time to double check those that I was not too sure of, and slightly touch 2 of the hard ones, my exam ended and I left the test center with a good feeling, I thought: I don’t even care if I fail or pass, I feel amazing because of the good job that I just did where I really proved that I did not waste my time during my studies and that I was able to absorb the knowledge I was being transferred from.


PS. Backspace worked fine for me (what a relief), Also I have the opportunity to take the exam with a US Keyboard which helped a lot.

You can still use the C# client if you want, I suggest you have all of the consoles opened (vCenters web/C#, hosts, ssh)


Once arrived home, checked my email and my Exam Score Report was there, saying that I PASSED!




205 minutes passed so fast, but I fell like an eternity when the email attachment was opening.



  • Read the entire blueprint, everything is in there, the exam won’t be putting things that are not there.
  • Time Management and this is serious, you might think 205 minutes is a lot, but it is not when you are concentrating on doing the tasks so my advice for you is that do not waste to much time in a task, if you think this is going to take longer than expected then move one, remember that there will be tasks that will rely on other you did before, so you better keep an eye on them.
  • Do not study more things the night before the exam. You might end forgetting things that you were already prepared on.
  • Practice and practice a lot, if you have to possibility to build your own lab do it, if not, then you can always practice with the HOLs, keep in mind this is a hands-on lab, so the way to know how to do things is by practicing.
  • Read from other experiences. this helps to have an idea on how to prepare yourself, I good source of experience is the Google+ VCAP community.
  • Ask for a bigger monitor.  Sadly, I had to take the exam on a 14″ monitor, so I had to fight with the Manual and the view of the console losing some seconds every time,  I believe that with a bigger monitor you will save some valuable time.



And last but not least, do not let others tell you that this is impossible to do, it is indeed hard, but with good preparation, you will be able to pass your exam as I did,



Feeling ready for the exam already, why don’t you test your skills first before going to the real thing, try our exam simulator totally free, ==> VCAP-DCV DEPLOY – HOL BASED SIMULATOR – FREE

Do not hesitate to ping me if you need advice, you know where to find me,




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