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Hope you are doing great, a few days ago I cam across with a VCSA 6.5 that was not being able to be connected to, started by opening the Virtual Console and I thought, well, Photon is Linux, but noticed that the file location and commands were different from other SLES vCenter.

By going through the Photon documentation I found the following commands that helped me troubleshoot the network problem.

Here is the command comparison between Photon and SLES vCenters

Photon OS CommandSLES Command
ip addrifconfig -a
ip routeroute
ip maddrnetstat -g
ip link set eth0 upifconfig eth0 up
ip -s neigharp -v
ip link set eth0 mtu 9000ifconfig eth0 mtu 9000

The networkctl command shows information about network connections that helps you configure networking services and troubleshoot networking problems.

Running networkctl with the status command displays information that looks like this; you can see that there are active network links with IP addresses.

The argument status command is used to show specific information about the link (eth0). networkctl status eth0

The network service, which is enabled by default, starts when the system boots. You manage the network service by using systemd commands, such as systemd-networkd, systemd-resolvd, and networkctl. You can check its status of the network service by running the following command: systemctl status systemd-networkd

Check the current static configuration by printing the output of the file 10-static-en.network or 10-eth0.network. cat /etc/systemd/network/10-eth0.network

You can use lsof commands to, for instance, see the processes listening on ports: (lsof -i -P -n), use more to get a better view of the ports. (lsof -i -P -n | more)

Netcat, a tool for sending data over network connections with TCP or UDP. It can be used to test port connectivity. for example:
nc -zv 443
nc -zv 80
nc -zv 22
nc -zv 21

For more information about this tools do no forget to visit:

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Photon OS Administration Guide

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