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DVS or vDS is such a great centralized networking solution to keeps things synchronous across our virtual data center, which such cool things provided by this feature we should keep it backed up, in the event of a vCenter loss, unless you knew each configuration inside the switch, the best thing to do is grab backups from its configuration.

Backing up the distributed switch configuration is an easy task, and should be performed (my personal recommendation) once per month or after/before any major networking change that will be performed to it, but enough talking, let’s see how this is performed:

First of all, we need to be logged in on our vCenter and got to Network -> Select the vDS name and right-click it -> Settings -> Export Configuration


It is recommended you export both Distributed switch and all port groups info, the description is optional but you could add a description about the backup reason.

I zip file called backup.zip will be generated, open its folder location, and rename to something you can remember

If you ever need to restore, the process is as simple as clicking the restoring option and select which components you want to restore:

Trust me, doing this will take you less than 2 minutes and will save you hours if not days of headaches.

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